Wednesday, August 6, 2008

LEGOS - UK's Most Favourite Toy

London: The top position in a poll for Britain's favourite toy has been ‘blocked" by LEGO - almost 50 years after it was introduced to the UK markets.

The poll, conducted by catalogue store Argos to celebrate its 35th birthday, took into account the top toys since 1973 and named the Danish bricks as the most favourite toy in the country. Argos interviewed more than 1,000 people aged 16 and above from around the country in its poll on the nation's favourite toy.

"The poll proves that Lego is a high quality toy that keeps being interesting to children and adults because of its creative possibilities. It's so simple but has so much potential," The Telegraph quoted a spokesman for Lego, as saying.

While the miniature building blocks appear to be a timeless favourite, there are other toys among this year's favourites, like the Lego Star Wars V19 set and the iconic Rubik's Cube, making it to the Argos" Top 10.

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