Thursday, August 21, 2008

LEGO Lovers Construct 300,000-Piece Beijing Olympics Replica

LEGO Olympics

As the world watches the Beijing Games, Lego enthusiasts from Hong Kong have unveiled a replica of the Olympics made from more than 300,000 Legos, The Daily mail reported Thursday.

Hong Kong Lego User Group’s intricate miniature city, which includes 4,500 Lego people, features the recognizable Olympic venues such as the Birds Nest Stadium, the Water Cube Aquatics Center and the Beach Volleyball Stadium.

The landscape measures 10 feet by 26 feet, and has been dubbed the Lego Sport City. According to the Hong Kong Lego User Group’s Web site, the model took about 100 hours to build.

The exhibit will be on display in Hong Kong through Aug. 31.

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