Wednesday, August 6, 2008

LEGO Star Justice Set

Blast off for interstellar action!
LEGO Space is landing with this special-edition LEGO Factory set, designed by a LEGO fan! Defend the universe from evil with the interplanetary Star Justice collection, including the space-soaring Cosmic Peace Keeper and Hypersled with sliding landing gear, the 8-wheeled Mobile Cargo Transport with working suspension and equipment storage, and the Star Outpost 7 command base, plus 4 astronaut minifigures and 4 scanner robots!

- Includes 4 astronaut minifigures, plus a stickersheet to customize each minifigure!
- Includes ground vehicle, 2 space crafts, command base and 4 scanner robots!
- Raise and lower the ladder on the command base!
-Lower the ramp to load and unload the Mobile Cargo Transport!

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