Sunday, August 18, 2013

LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost Train

LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost Train. Embark on a haunted ride with the LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train. This set lets builders join the legendary Monster Fighters on a high-speed chase to reclaim a powerful artifact from a band of ghosts. The set comes with 741 pieces, including several moving parts, haunting glow-in-the-dark pieces, five minifigures, and a collectable Moon Stone. Recommended for ages 8 to 14, this LEGO set provides a fun challenge for both novice and experienced builders alike.

Part of LEGO's imaginative Monster Fighter series, this set takes builders to a spooky setting filled with vampires, ghosts, mad scientists, and other classic horror villains. You'll take on the roles of Ann Lee and Frank Rock, two intrepid adventurers bent on stopping the evil Lord Vampyre from taking over the world.
They must chase down a runaway train and fight through an army of ghosts in order to prevent a magical Moon Stone artifact from falling into Lord Vampyre's hands. It is up to you to determine whether Ann and Frank succeed in their quest.

Stop the Ghost Train in its tracks and grab the moonstone! The Ghost Train is getting away with the moonstone. Help Frank Rock and Ann Lee catch it in their acrobatic airplane, suck up the ghosts with the vacuum weapon and grab the moonstone! Don't let them trap the heroes in the Ghost Train's prison! Includes 5 minifigures: Frank Rock, Ann Lee and 3 ghosts.


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