Monday, July 7, 2008

LEGO Castle Giant Chess Set

The ultimate LEGO chess set!

There’s never been a chess set like this one before! Now you can build the biggest and best LEGO chess board of all time, covered in incredible LEGO Castle details and complete with a dungeon, armory, and decorative dragon heads…and that’s just the board itself! Pieces include king, queen, good and evil wizards, witch, knights, dwarves, trolls, skeleton warriors and horses, castle turrets, rolling siege towers, and more. It’s the ultimate LEGO set for any chess player, collector, or LEGO Castle fan!

- Includes 31 minifigures, 2 giant trolls, 2 horses, 2 skeleton horses and 2 dragon heads!
- Minifigures are ready for battle with armor, swords, shields, and other cool accessories!
- It's a battle of good dwarves and knights vs. evil trolls and skeletons!
- Build the 4 realms in the corners of the chess board - the skeleton realm, troll realm, dwarf realm and castle realm!
- Measures 17" (43cm) squared!
- Complete with a giant storage case, measuring over 24" (61cm) high, 20" (50cm) wide and 7" (17cm) deep.

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