Thursday, May 22, 2008

LEGO Star Wars Trade Federation MTT

The Trade Federation MTT rolls into battle!
When the Trade Federation MTT shows up, it's time for the enemy to start running! Open its hatches and extend the secret storage rack to deploy a legion of battle droids, armed and ready to fight. Top opens to reveal pilot cabin and steering controls. Open the hatch in the back to reveal a battle droid carrier vehicle!

- Open the sides to see inside!
- Turn gear on side to extend the storage rack and deploy the battle droids!
- Trade Federation MTT has hidden wheels for easy movement!
- Includes 16 regular battle droids, 2 red security battle droids, 2 blue pilot battle droids and a destroyer droid!
- Trade Federation MTT measures 16" (41 cm) long and 10" (25 cm) high!

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